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Dr. Lyon's Supplements ( Review)

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We got the chance to try Chewy's new supplement product Dr.Lyon's. Combines modern science with trusted methods from the past. Dr. Lyon's was inspired by the first veterinary schools in Lyon, France. Dr. Lyon's products are made in the USA. 

Dr. Lyon's has several different supplements for …

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Chewy Pharmacy

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GUESS WHAT? Chewy now has a pharmacy =) 

Now your life just got easier. 

It's super easy to order, just add your pet's prescription to your current order. 

Fill out your vet's information at checkout. Chewy will even call your vet for you!

Once your vet approves your prescri…

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Weruva BFF Oh My Gravy Wet Cat Food ( Review)

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Want to feed your Feline Friend something tasty?

BFF (Best Feline Friend) wet food is a great choice. 


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 No grains, gluten, carrageenan, BPA. 

Made with real pieces of meat you can see in a yummy gravy.

Perfect for Senior kitties. Cookie doesn't have many teeth left and …

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Zignature Trout & Salmon Dry Dog Food (

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If you haven't heard of Zignature, you are missing out. Food allergies? Zignature has you covered. Chicken, Corn, Soy, Grains, and Potatoes are the most common food allergies in pets. Zignature has none of these in any of their formulas. They have 13 different formulas for you to pick from.

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Feeding A Dehydrated Diet Part 3 Final Thoughts (

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I have been feeding the dogs The Honest Kitchen for a month now. 

I fed half kibble and half Honest Kitchen. 

They all have seem to be doing great on it. 

I LOVE how easy it is to fe

I love all the healthy ingredients in Honest Kitchen. I did notice the dogs got full faster …

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