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Tylee's Homestyle (2nd Post)

The dogs have been on Tylee's for about 2 weeks now. I mix it with their dry food. They are doing great on it so far, no upset stomach, no allergic reaction, normal stool. I'm really happy so far with this product. I take out about 2-3 days worth out to defrost in the fridge. You can defrost the whole bag but use within 10 days. Also if your dog doesn't eat all their food within 2 hours at room temperature, toss it out. I have also been washing the dogs bowls after each feeding because I notice the spinach sticks really bad to the sides. 

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Mia was having horrible dry skin from a previous dry food we were trying, I have notice since she's back on Acana & Tylee's her skin is getting back normal faster. I'm really happy with how the dogs stomach handled this food. I was amazed it didn't upset them. I started out slow and worked up. Also you can replace a cup or even a half of cup with Tylee's instead of kibble. 

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Tylee's comes in 4 yummy flavors: Beef, Chicken, Turkey & Pork. 

When you do order, make sure its near the beginning of the week, because of it being frozen. still has the Buy 1 bag Get 1 bag free special going on. =)

We will have a 3rd post in 2 weeks of our final thoughts on Tylee's. 


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