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Off The Wall Paintings

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I came across this company when sent me a beautiful painting of Bella & Mia. I started searching because I wanted to see more of this person amazing work. I finally found Off the Wall Paintings. Artist is Lauren Hammack. She has been painting her whole life, she started Off the Wall Paintings In October 2013. She does average of 100-125 paintings a month. She also paints full time for Lauren can paint anything you want. She paints alot of Dogs & Cats. But if you have other animals she can do that too. You can choose your canvas size. Mine are 6inX6in.





I will show you step by step she did off Dino. And also the painting of Bella & Mia. 



                                   She first starts by sketching out, Then works on the background. 

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                                                          Then she starts the painting, Final thing is all the details. 

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                                                                                                        Paintings Next To Photo. 

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                                                               I love this painting so much. His eyes are amazing. 


                                                                                  Mia & Bella 

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         Choice this picture to get painted. It is what Mia & Bella Love to do, Sunbathing. 

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Over All About Off The Wall Painting: Love Love Love Her work. I even plan on ordering more in the future. I highly recommend her. If you want a lovely portrait of your pet she is the one. And her prices are great for what time & work that goes into these painting. Thank you so much for letting us review your wonderful work. =) We rate you 4 Paws up. 

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