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Evanger's Nothing but Natural Beef Tripe (

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*We received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion* 

This month we picked Evanger's Nothing but Natural Beef Tripe Treats for dogs to review. 



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Evanger's Nothing but Natural Beef Tripe treats are single ingredient. Made in USA. Grain & Gluten Free. Dogs thought these were delicious. I thought they were very smelly, but that is what dogs love. Plus Tripe is the lining of a cow stomach. It even says "Smelly Belly" on the bag. Lol. Tripe is great for your dog's Immune system. Evanger's also has Gently dried treats in several other flavors like Wild Salmon, Beef Liver, Beef Hearts and more. It says cats can even have these, but I think they would be to hard for a cat to eat. It's more like a chew to me than a treat. 

Price on $8.39 for a 3.5oz bag 

Ingredients: Beef Tripe


Check Dino out trying them out =)


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